Sewer Pipe Replacement

Pipe Bursting

  • Trenchless method of pipe installation.
  • We use both static and pneumatic methods

The standard process for pipe burst method is:

  • We fuse 4"-24" HDPE pipe together in one long piece then attach it to the bursting head.
  • We dig an insertion pit at one end of the run of pipe we plan to burst.
  • We send a cable, that is attached to a winch, up steam and attach it to the bursting head.
  • We then line the bursting head up to the pipe and start the bursting hammer.

Through a process of winching and driving, the bursting head breaks the old pipe and the new pipe is pushed/pulled through the old pipe.

This type of pipe installation is a much more  environmentally friendly approach to replacing deteriorated sewer and water lines than open cutting.  It saves on our natural resources, including less crushed rock, sand, asphalt  and land fill space.